Phoenix Gloss Black and White

Transforming the bedroom into the ‘it’ room, Phoenix is a dynamic amalgamation of white and black gloss.  With an acrylic laminated and edged door, the two-tone contrast makes for a movie-star standard setting.  The Handles shown are Beam


The Phoenix Gloss Black and White is a Modern Styled Bedroom from the Choose Style Range with a Slab Style Door in Acrylic.  The Handles shown are Beam.

Colours Available:

Gloss: White, Ivory, Mussel, Dakar, Lava, Sand Beige, Grey Drift Oak, Silver, Cream, Burgundy, Lime Green, Walnut, Black, Cappuccino, Trojan, Tiepolo, Aubergine.


Colour Options:
GlossBlack GlossIvory GlossMediumTiepolo GlossCappucino GlossLightTiepolo Beam