Phoenix Gloss Tiepolo

With an organic, tactile surface and vertical grain Phoenix conjures images of soft woodland glades.  Designed to fit any space and accommodate angular recesses, the sturdy construction shows firmly planted design prowess that will grow with your aspirations.  The Handles shown are Tubular Boss


The Phoenix Gloss Black and White is a Modern Styled Bedroom from the Choose Style Range with a Slab Style Door in Acrylic.  The Handles shown are Beam.

Colours Available:

Gloss: White, Ivory, Mussel, Dakar, Lava, Sand Beige, Grey Drift Oak, Silver, Cream, Burgundy, Lime Green, Walnut, Zebrano, Black, Cappuccino, Trojan, Tiepolo, Aubergine.


Colour Options:
GlossLightTiepolo GlossIvory GlossMediumTiepolo GlossCappucino GlossCream Handles by O&S Doors Ltd.